Be sure to check out our newest addition to the Aglink Family, The Nut Hub. A new small-batch value added nut processor.

Ag Link, Inc. is passionate about providing services to local agricultural producers to optimize the availability and enjoyment of local products and flavors.

Originally founded in 1993, Ag Link's initial goal was to "link" retiring farmers with entering farmers to transition farmland from one generation to the next. That division was later sold but the desire to help farmers never diminished.

In 2010, Michelle Obama's Healthy Food Act encouraged changes for school lunch programs to use more fresh, local produce.  Ag Link saw an opportunity to take the direct marketing and communication technology they had succeeded with in other industries and help it fill a niche that would benefit both California farmers and school children. This led to the launch of Ag Link's Farm to School tool - in August of 2012 which continues today to delivery in-season, locally grown produce to school food service throughout California.

In the process of building the farm to school supply network, Ag Link's Food Hub evolved including a local restaurant, The Tri-Tipery, providing a gathering place for the community to enjoy good quality food in a comfortable, rural setting.  A second location, The Tri-Tipery@120 and a Food Truck now spread the flavors of amazing tri-tip throughout the 3 county region for many to enjoy.

Ag Link's Food Hub facility has drawn interest from local farmers looking to diversify the marketability of their products.  In 2019, Heriberto and Benina Montes of Burroughs Family Farms partnered with Ag Link to install value added nut processing equipment in Ag Link's warehouse where their new venture, The Nut Hub, will begin processing conventional and organic roasted, flavored, chocolate coated and buttered nuts for local growers and other outlets.

Rob and Jana Nairn each have Bachelor of Science Degrees in AgriBusiness Marketing from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. Both have worked in business, management and sales for their entire careers.

The Ag Link team:

Rob Nairn - CFO & General Manager

Jana Nairn - CEO & Controller

Tami Willman - Staff Accountant

TJ Wilson - Logistics/Warehouse Supervisor

Marie Brand - Marketing Associate

Kelsey Smith - Accounting Clerk

Amanda Moore - Administrative Assistant

School Food Link

School Food Link

The Tri-Tipery @ the hub

The Nut Hub